Storm Damage Emergency Repairs 

The Avsten Construction team has an excellent reputation for cleaning up storm damage and restoring your home with quality craftsmanship, and materials. If you have experienced storm damage, hire Avsten Construction with confidence! 

We will work with the insurance companies and take the time to do the work right. 

NOAA Storm Damage Department

According to the National Severe Storms Laboratory, thunderstorms can cause damage due to high winds, flash flooding from rain, and from lightning strikes. If a thunderstorm is strong enough, it can produce tornadoes, which can cause massive destruction to personal and business property.

It is important to keep a sharp eye on the weather as it turns bad and take appropriate safety precautions, as severe storms can indirectly and directly lead to injuries or death. 

Tornado Damage 

Tornado Storm Damage to roof

Tornadoes are one of the most destructive wind forces that can be produced in a thunderstorm. Most tornadoes have winds that reach speeds of 110 miles per hour, while stronger ones can exceed 200 miles per hour.

When a tornado strikes, its strong winds and the debris that it carries can cause major structural damage to buildings. If it is strong enough, a tornado can even make a car, truck, or other large vehicle airborne. 

We offer tornado & wind storm damage clean-up!  

Flood Damage 

When a thunderstorm rolls through, it can bring torrential downpours of rain with it. This rainfall can occur within a very short period, causing flash floods. A flash flood can cause damage to a structure, tearing trees out of the ground, and damage your property.

Flood water that is 2 inches deep can sweep away a car or a large truck. 

We offer water extraction and mitigation services!  

Hail Damage 

Hail damage can escalate to $1 billion annually, according to NOAA. Thunderstorms can produce hail of various sizes that can be devastating to personal property. For example, smaller hail can destroy a farmer’s crop in a very short span of time, tearing the plants to pieces. Larger hail can dent the body of a car, break windows and cause extensive roof damage.  

Our hail storm damage service is at the ready!  

In addition to damage services, we also do post-storm tree removal. Storm Damage deserves emergency care, and you get that with Avsten! 

We Are Storm Damage Restoration Contractors

There is no telling what kind of storm damage a nasty storm can bring. Your home may appear unharmed by the high winds of a storm, but hidden problems can be revealed by taking a quick walk around your property. 

Here is a simple checklist of what you should look for, courtesy of the National Storm Damage Center

1) Window Damage: Get up close and personal with your windows, checking for shattered glass, broken panes, or damaged frames. Look carefully for small holes or cracks in unsuspecting areas. 

2) Roof Damage: Check for loose or cracked shingles. If you have an asphalt roof, unidentified dark spots could be storm damage. Determine if any debris is lodged under shingles, too. 

3) Clogged Gutters: Heavy rains can down limbs, and with that comes many leaves and small branches that can clutter your gutter. Check for fragments jammed along the gutter and in the downspout. 

4) Exterior Damage: Siding can tear loose, paint can peel, and stucco can break free. Even brick can suffer the wrath of a bad storm. Take a walk around your home and check for any potential damage. Holes, siding breaks, and splitting are common side effects of a storm. Discoloration of siding or brick is another symptom. 

Identifying any immediate damage can save you time and money, especially if the damage is excessive and requires a call to your insurance company. Waiting to repair your home can create more costly problems somewhere down the road. 

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Emergency Storm Damage Restoration Services: 

Storm Damage Restoration

Avsten Construction is a trusted roofing contractor with extensive experience repairing storm damage by lightning and thunderstorms, tornadoes, ice or snow blizzards, or heavy winds and rain. Roofs are destroyed, home siding and windows are ripped apart, and trees are collapsing roofs. When your roof leaks – be it loose roof shingles, or a complete tear-off and replacement, it is important to hire certified roof contractors to handle the emergency promptly.  

If you’ve had storm damage to your home, the Avsten Construction restoration experts are here to help! 

  • Dependable 24/7 Emergency Response Storm Damage Restoration Services. 
  • Our Construction Restoration Team works with all major insurance carriers. 
  • Our Homeowners receive a detailed storm damage restoration written scope of work. 
  • Your Storm Damage Restoration Project Manager helps expedite your insurance claim and repair your home. 
  • We are a full-service storm damage disaster restoration recovery company, so you only have ONE construction company to handle emergency damage, restoration, and construction. 

Not All Storm Damage Restoration Companies Are the Same 

Avsten Construction has been restoring damaged homes in the greater Dayton and Cincinnati, Ohio region since 2009. We are a family-owned storm restoration company. We work and live in the same areas as our customers and take on each exterior restoration project as if it were one of our own homes. 

24/7 Dependable Service

Cal Avsten for Storm Damage Restoration

If a recent storm caused damage to your business or home’s shingles, siding, fascia, fencing, or other exterior areas – contact Avsten Construction immediately for dependable storm damage restoration.  We can provide you and your insurance agency with a free wind damage inspection report to get the claim approval process moving faster.

Avsten is a locally owned & operated Storm Damage Restoration contractor with offices in Cincinnati Ohio & Goodlettsville Tennessee.

We are available 24/7 For Storm Damage Restoration! Regardless of whether the damage appears large or small, you will want to promptly report the storm damage to your insurance company and have us come out to complete a home damage inspection. We will work with your insurance company to get the repairs approved and get started promptly on the restoration.

Thank you for trusting the Avsten Storm Damage Restoration Contractors!