Yes, We Get Calls From People Saying a Tree Fell On The House!

Get That Tree Out Of Your Living Room And Restore Your Home

Tree Fell On The House

It is always more than just tree damage to the roof. It’s damage to your home, your place of security. We understand this is a time when emotions are running high and homeowners are in shock. The first thing to do is to assess the damage. If it warrants filing a claim, do so right away. Homeowners’ insurance covers this damage – so let your insurance agent know that it is an emergency situation if needed. Therefore, we can promptly secure the property. Avsten Construction is here to help!

What To Do Immediately:

  • Gather your family and cell phones and leave the house immediately.
  • Call 911 to ensure the authorities are aware of the risk.
  • Call Avsten Construction 24/7 to secure the property.
  • Call your insurance agency and tell them a tree fell on the house.
  • Find a safe place for the family to stay.
  • Avsten will work WITH your insurance on quickly repairing your home and settling the storm damage insurance claim.

We work hard to be the voice of calm and reason. With safety in mind, we are committed to getting the damages cleaned up. If a tree fell on the house becomes your reality it is important to act immediately. We will remove the tree, restore your home, and coordinate services with your insurance company for prompt payment. Late in the evening? No worry! We are here for you day or night, no matter the time! 

Note: If you have a property claim involving tree damage, be aware that not all tree removal companies are trained in handling the insurance claim process. Avsten Construction of Cincinnati Ohio works with insurance companies to handle claims and make the roof and related storm restoration process easy for the homeowner.

Do You Call 911 if a Tree Falls On Your House?

Do you know what to do if a tree falls on your house during a storm? It is not just any tree. It is not just any house. It was a nasty storm… When the Avsten team hears “HELP! A Tree Fell On The House” – we come to the rescue.

Do you have serious property damage because a tree fell on the house? OUCH! If you are experiencing tree damage to the roof or siding of your home, time is critical. If a tree fell on your house – Do not wait. Call 911 and the Avsten Storm Damage Team immediately. There is a risk of electrical lines or gas lines causing extreme damage.

Avsten Construction is locally owned and operated, covering the greater Cincinnati Ohio community including Fairfield, Hamilton, Oxford, Liberty Twp, West Chester, Middletown, and Forest Park. With 15+ years of storm damage experience, you can trust that Avsten will take care of your home like it was our own.

Contact Avsten today to have a restoration specialist evaluate your storm damage. We will work WITH your insurance company to quickly restore your home.