Hail Storm Damage To Roof, Gutters, Siding, or Windows

Hall Storm Damage Restoration

Unfortunately, hail storm damage is common in the SW Ohio region. That sudden hail storm has the potential to cause substantial damage to your house. To the untrained eye, hail damage is not always easy to identify. The 3 major signs of hail damage to your roof include bruising, cracking, and granules missing from asphalt. The dents from hail are not always visible, yet hail damage can cause cracks in the shingle itself.

Have the Avsten Construction team of building restoration contractors will evaluate your property to determine if you have an insurance claim before the allotted time runs out. Even those small pockmarks can cause gaps that allow the water to come in.

If your trees are damaged – your roof could very well be damaged, too. It is important to catch water damage and hail storm damage early because damaged roofing and siding can lead to large unnecessary repair costs. Don’t let those dents cause roof and siding leakage damage to your property.

Caught In A Hail Storm?

The bottom line is that hail storm damage can be serious. If a hail storm hits your property, do a walk around your property. Look for building damage, and if you suspect storm damage – we offer emergency storm damage restoration service.

  • Structure Damage
  • Leaky Roof Damage
  • Dented Metals allow water to cause further damage

Regardless of whether the hail storm damage appears large or small, you will want to promptly report it to your insurance company, and have us come out to complete a home damage inspection.

Hail Damage To Garage Doors

hail damage

After a hail storm, always check for structural damage to your residential garage door or commercial overhead door. The problem can be far more significant than finding dents that diminish the appearance. Significant hail damage can reduce the stability of the doors.

Repairing the garage doors is far more affordable than needing to replace the doors and the items damaged by a collapse!

Avsten Construction is a local Hail Storm Damage contractor. We are locally owned and operated, covering the greater Cincinnati Ohio community including Fairfield, Hamilton, Oxford, Liberty Twp, West Chester, Middletown, and Forest Park. With 15+ years of storm damage experience, you can trust that Avsten will take care of your home like it was our own.

If recent hail storm damage has affected your business or home’s shingles, siding, fascia, fencing, or other exterior areas, contact Avsten Construction immediately!