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Tornado and wind damage have been known to level some properties and yet leave neighboring homes intact. If your home has experienced storm damage, it is vital to have a storm damage restoration contractor tarp and repair your home promptly. No one wants their home exposed to the elements. As a wind storm passes over your area, bringing with it damaging wind speeds of up to 60 mph, you start to wonder about the impact it could have on your home. As you check your property following the storm, you may find strewn debris on the ground like broken shingles. Looking at your home, you may notice that your gutters are cracked or flashing is dented.

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wind damage on roof

Identifying Wind Damage On A Roof

If your area recently suffered a wind storm, it is important to understand what signs to look for and the importance of some speedy roof and siding repair. Failure to undergo roof repair could result in a range of consequences, such as roof leaks, mold growth, wood rot, and similar problems.

Emergency Restoration:

Do you have any of these top four issues that identify wind storm damage to your property? The Avsten Construction Emergency Service crews will respond immediately and are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Roof Leaks

wind damage caused by storm

Your roof is supposed to protect your home from the elements. However, damage from harsh winds can result in roof leaks. If your roof is damaged, water can seep into cracks, gaps, or holes in the roof. As water steadily infiltrates the layers of your roof, you may start to notice wet spots on the ceiling or walls. If the flow becomes heavier, water may even start to pour inside your attic or the upper floors of your home.

Roof leaks require immediate attention to prevent the problem from becoming more costly to fix.

Leaks do not just cause moisture issues like wood rot and mold growth, but can also ruin the property inside your home and put your family at risk for respiratory issues caused by poor air conditions. If you suspect wind storm damage to your roof, do not waste time contacting Avsten.

Damaged Flashing

damaged flashing

Roofing flashing is an essential part of your roofing system and is used to prevent leaks between the joints in the roof. High winds and flying debris can cause flashing to tear or buckling to occur around roof penetrations. It may be clear that your flashing has suffered wind damage if it appears to be loose or has visible dents.

If damage to flashing is left unnoticed, you may have more problems later on. As flashing is designed to keep water out, any damage to your roof’s flashing could result in a leak.

While leaks from wind damage may be minimal at first, the problem can grow larger over time resulting in more noticeable and costly damage. If you even suspect wind damage to your home or business roof, contact Avsten Construction for a free inspection.

Granules in Gutters

The granules you find on roofing shingles have several purposes. First, they are used to protect the asphalt coating from UV rays. Next, they provide fire resistance in the event of a house fire. Finally, they can add aesthetic beauty as granules can be found in numerous colors. Following a windstorm, you may find your gutters full of granules from your asphalt shingles.

While it is normal to lose some granules over time due to age, losing a large amount at once can be concerning. As granules help keep your roof and home free from damage, it is important to address this issue right away. If granules are missing from many sections of your roof, you may be due for a roof replacement.

Curling, Lifting, or Missing Shingles

missing shingles on roof

One of the most common types of wind damage sustained by roofs is lifted shingles. High winds have a tendency to get underneath a shingle and push it up, which can cause the shingle to break apart or even pull away from the roof completely. Lifted shingles are often easy to spot as they stand apart from the rest of the roof. It is important to have lifted shingles repaired promptly as water can seep into the underlying roofing layers when shingles are lifted or missing. In some cases, lifted shingles will settle back into position after the storm is over. However, problems may still exist that you cannot see from the ground.

For example, the nails holding down the shingles may have loosened or the seal holding the shingles together may have broken. What does wind damage look like on a roof? It typically appears with missing shingles. While shingles are installed using nails to ensure that they will stay put, high wind speeds can cause them to loosen and eventually fall off your roof. Depending on the length of the storm, you may be missing just a few shingles. In some instances, the damage can be more serious and a large area of roofing shingles may be missing. In many cases, if you see a missing shingle it is usually just one tab of a 3-tab shingle.

Strong gusts of wind can cause the shingle tab to tear apart from the rest of the roof. Oftentimes, the missing section will sit just above an open seam. As 3-tab shingles are installed side-by-side, shingles installed next to seams are more likely to blow off during a windstorm.

Wind Damage Insurance Claim

Do you have a wind damage insurance claim? Our project coordinators will vigorously represent clients to get the claim approved. We even submit the invoice to your insurance company and work with them for settlement.

Wind Damage can cause havoc on your property! Whether replacing damaged and/or missing roof shingles, windows, siding, or roofs, call the storm cleanup company you can depend on! Avsten is a locally owned & operated Storm Damage Restoration contractor with offices in Cincinnati Ohio & Goodlettsville Tennessee.

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Wind Damage Prevention

Want to make your house more durable from wind storms? Here are some preventative measures that can help protect against future wind damage.

  • Evaluate your surrounding foliage.
  • Look at your chimney vents and pipes.
  • Clean out all gutters and downspouts.
  • Consider replacing your windows.
  • Inspect your roof closely.
  • Secure your outside furniture.

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