Avsten Construction is a commercial roofing contractor.

We offer a variety of commercial roofing systems to suit a range of needs, including offices, plants, warehouses, and other commercial structures. Avsten Construction is a residential and commercial roofing contractor. The benefits of hiring professional commercial roofing contractors in Cincinnati, Ohio, like us, is we offer a two-year workmanship warranty against leaks and shingle fly-offs and turn-key service. This means we provide both the labor and materials, a supervisor present for each project, and a roof inspection once the job is complete to ensure correct installation.

Our Commercial Roofing Services

Expert Commercial Roofing Services

Avsten Construction has 15 plus years of experience replacing commercial roofing. We are on time, dependable, and our team will work around your business needs to keep interruption to a minimum. Some of the services we provide include:

  • Building usage and occupancy requirements
  • Visual observations of field, flashing, and penetrations
  • Core analysis to determine roof composition and deck type
  • Insulation evaluation
  • Infrared thermography to aid in moisture detection and insulation integrity
  • Photo analysis of existing conditions and concerns
  • Comprehensive field report of observations and findings
  • Evaluation and recommendations, design and specifications including costs and projections

Commercial Roof Inspection 

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A complete commercial roofing system inspection includes examining the problem areas such as roof membranes, decking, vents, flashing, gutters, downspouts, and drainage pipes. Doing so can help prevent potential roof damages, identify any problems early, and avoid costly repairs in the future. A commercial roof inspection begins from inside the building so we can see where the water ends its route. Because if there is indeed a leak, this is a good indicator of where it began. 

For example, if there are water stains in the break room, the location straight above the break room on your roof is a great estimate of where water is entering the building. During the inspection, commercial roofing contractors will walk the roof in search of unusual circumstances including but not limited to ponding water, blisters, cracks, and uplifted seams, nails, or shingles. 

A roofer will start from the perimeter of the roof and work its way towards the middle to make sure you don’t forget an area of the roof. Another reason is that perimeter edges are areas that have a higher probability of causing a leak versus the field of the roof. This is because these endpoints can be lifted by the wind, causing the adhesion to come loose.  

A commercial roof inspection also includes taking a few core samples. 

A core sample is when our professionals remove a small portion of the roof. It is then inspected to determine facts about the field of the roof, including: 

  • How many roofing layers there are? 
  • What material is the substrate? 
  • What is the level of saturation and/or moisture?
  • How old is the roof? 

Commercial roofing in Cincinnati generally takes about 30 minutes to an hour, give or take, depending on how many sections and types of roofs there are. Once the inspection is complete and the core samples have been taken, a detailed report will be given to the building owner. The report will include the areas that are causing leaks, saturated surfaces on the roof, as well as photos and recommendations, such as repairs, restoration, or replacement.

Importance of Having Professional Commercial Roofing Contractors  

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Commercial and residential roofs vary in design. A commercial roof tends to have a low slope or is entirely flat and much larger than a typical residential one. Meanwhile, flat roofs tend to require more maintenance and involve repairs of larger spaces that are installed in sections. Having a high-quality roofing system is essential for your business’ protection, which is why they need constant maintenance, prime materials, and professionals taking the assistance. Depending on the material, pricing, and difficulty level, the method used to install commercial roofing systems can vary greatly.

Avsten Construction is the local commercial roofing company you can rely on for all of your roof construction and repair needs in the Southwest Ohio areas including Cincinnati, Middletown, and Dayton Ohio areas. We take care of all your needs and provide outstanding benefits by working with us, like:

We carefully take care of your need; we also provide outstanding benefits by working with us like: 

  • On-Time Performance 
  • Complete Commercial Roofing Services 
  • High-Quality Materials And Results 
  • Superior Workmanship 
  • Ultimate Technologies 

Commercials Roofs We Install and Repair:

  • EPDM Roofing and Rubber Roofing Systems
  • TPO (Thermoplastic Polyolefin) roofing
  • Commercial Asphalt shingle roofing
  • GACO Roof Systems (Gaco offers a 50-year warranty!)

“Pardon our Dust”

We understand business must go on during roof repair and we value your input to keep your company running smoothly then. So, we will work with you to develop a plan that will not impede your flow of traffic and perform the most efficient installation possible.

Commercial Roofing Service after the Sale

We take great pride in our workmanship and warranty on every commercial roof we install. Our integrity and profound belief in roofing service after the sale means you will always be able to reach us should a problem arise after an installation, and we WILL make it right!

Even the best roofing material available can fail if it’s not properly installed. That’s why it’s important to hire commercial roofing contractors in Cincinnati, Ohio with the resources to complete a quality roofing installation.

Maintenance of Commercial Roofs 

Get the most out of your commercial roofing investment by choosing the right quality products that will last and reduce energy bills, getting the right guarantee, and setting up a regular maintenance schedule with qualified roof maintenance professionals, such as Avsten. 

In addition to inspection, proper maintenance is critical to extending the life of a commercial roof. It includes cleaning debris, treating any leaks, tears, or water damage, repairing flashing and HVAC systems on the roof, preparing your roof for every season, and ensuring the roofing material is in excellent condition. Here are five tips to help protect your building’s roofing system, courtesy of GAF, North America’s largest roofing manufacturer. 

1. Work with a pro:  

A Certified Maintenance Professional® (CMP) brings the experience and necessary equipment to perform a comprehensive, safe inspection. Help maintain your guarantee coverage by making sure repairs are performed by an authorized contractor who follows the manufacturer’s guidelines for maintenance and repair. Ask about weather alert apps that enable your maintenance pro to reach out rapidly when a storm strikes your area  

2. Schedule timely inspections:  

Before and after storm season — it’s important to remove debris, check drains, and perform any other necessary maintenance before storm season makes any existing issues worse. After any severe weather event — such as hail storms, heavy rain, and high winds.  The commercial roofing team at Avsten will be quick to complete a roofing inspection and advise if repairs are necessary.

3. Your experienced contractor will look for: 

  • Storm debris — branches, rocks, trash, and so on, can cause safety hazards and damage the roof surface. 
  • Metal deterioration — including structures and equipment like flashings, air conditioners, vents, ductwork, skylights, satellite dishes, and antennas for rust, damage, or deterioration. 
  • Worn masonry — cracks, loose stones, or deteriorated sealant can lead to water intrusion. 
  • Spills and standing water — coolant, oils, or grease can damage your roof membrane and may be a sign of equipment problems, while standing water may indicate clogged drains, scuppers, roof sagging, or lack of positive slope.  

4. Keep detailed records handy:  

The guarantee, inspection reports, repair/ maintenance bills, and original construction specs and invoices will make it easier to work with your insurer or roofing contractor should the need arise.  

5. Minimize rooftop traffic:  

Aside from best-practice inspections as described above, excessive foot and equipment traffic can wear out or damage a roof. Make sure walkway pads are installed in areas of high traffic. Maintain a rooftop log documenting who has had access to, or may have done work on, your roof. A lot of factors contribute to your roof’s longevity, and some big ones, like the weather, are outside of your control. One thing you can control is maintenance. Regular inspections, cleanings, and small repairs can help you get the most out of your roof investment. 

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Other Commercial Construction Services Offered

We got your back for a positive remodeling experience. At Avsten Construction, we offer different services that’ll cover all of your commercial roofing, windows, and painting needs. Some of them are:

  • Drywall Repairs
  • Interior And Exterior Painting
  • Wood Staining
  • Replacement Gutters
  • Replacement Windows
  • Replacement Vinyl Siding
  • Storm Damage Inspection & Repair

Allow Us To Exceed Your Expectations!

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Avsten Construction is a trusted commercial roofing contractor. We are committed to upholding the industry’s highest safety standards, exceeding OSHA regulations. As a result, business and property owners need not worry about liability, damage to their property, or the safety of contractors working on their homes.

Avsten Construction is located in Fairfield Ohio, just north of Cincinnati Ohio. Our team of commercial roofers will gladly provide the following information to your business if requested.

  • Permanent place of business: address, telephone number, tax ID number, and so forth
  • Financial liability: A track record of successfully completed jobs
  • Proof of insurance: Ask for a certificate mailed to you directly from the insurance company.
  • Bonded and licensed: Check the requirements of your state.
  • References: Check with previous customers about complete satisfaction with the workmanship.
  • Warranties: Check labor and material warranties to ensure the company stands behind its work.
  • List of completed projects: Ask for the project name, owner, and date of completion.

Avsten of Cincinnati Ohio is well known for being trusted and dependable roofers for over 15 years. Allow Avsten to meet or exceed your expectations with the quality of your finished commercial roof, the preservation of your property, and your satisfaction with the roofing experience.

Avsten is Cincinnati’s Trusted and Dependable Commercial Roofing Company. Contact us for a free quote.